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I was hoping to do some DIY to hide a few nasty paint chip things.

Went to Halfords ( where else...) and the man behind the counter was very helpful. Did check the paint code, KJ7 , white.
All OK, mixed it, came out grey !!!! He came out and checked the paintcode himself , and said his books say "gray".

Where can I get a small amount of correct paint ? A touch up paint thing would be ideal.From Nissan only ?

Mine is white , KJ7.


  • The pearl White colour code is QX1, I thought your cube was pearl white?

    Apologies if there are different whites I didn't realise.
  • [quote="CUBED":ad1b7]The pearl White colour code is QX1, I thought your cube was pearl white?

    So did I , so did I... :-//
    But apparently it is just white. It sure loks like a "pearl"white to my eye.
    But maybe the QX1 is more shiny, metallic and pearlescent ?
    Or then my car is painted? Which I doubt. I think it is just plain white. Simply just looks so "pearly"... when clean that is !

    I checked the colours from here :

    Anyway, the guys at Halfords couldn´t match it. Or their books and the mixing codes were wrong ?
    Nissan dealers then ?
  • Thats odd... Usually the Halfords (Holts Paint) stuff is pretty good and colour match has been spot on each time I have used them.

    If you chassis plate confirms that the colour is KJ7 then it may be worth trying another supplier like Wilco or Unipart but I think most Unipart stores have now stopped custom mixing paints.

    If no luck with a local supplier then try these guys -

    May also be worth popping up a bit of carpet of looking behind some trim to see if the car has at some point been subject to a colour change ?
  • Thanks for that carpaintwizard link !

    Did order a kit straight away.
    Easiest way....
    I only hope the colour is right.
  • This is getting weird.... 8-O 8-O 8-O

    I got a reply from those carpaintwizards, according to their records , the colour KJ7 is , again.... you guessed it : light grey !!!!

    WTF :-? :o :(

    Anyone else, with a colourcode KJ7 , please send me pics of your car. Need to compare if our car is resprayed ???? :-//
    Our car is pictured here for comparison ;
  • I've just googled Nissan Paint code KJ7 and it seems the same code has been used twice for two different colours! :o

    From 1990 - 1992 KJ7 was a solid light grey and then from 1999 onwards it was an ivory / marble white colour. ... l%20Models ... 0Codes.htm
  • Thanks for that info !!!
    Will pass that to the carpaintwizards.

    This forum is superb!!!!
  • Carpaintwizads are unable to help me.... :'(

    They cant find that code. Or they can, but it is the old one, light grey.

    Search continues.... NISSAN then ?
  • Have a word with your local Nissan dealer, speak to someone on the parts desk as they may be able to help you obtain a touch up paint pen. Have your chassis number and model number from the VIN plate handy when you call them,
  • This is getting ridiculous...
    I sent an enquiry to my local NISSAN dealer, with my car details, and the paintcode I have and they simply replied they can´t help me...

    Yesterday, while coming from Gatwick, went to another dealer (NISSAN) as it was so close by. Spoke to a nice and helpful guy at the counter, with the paintcode in my hand.
    Still no help !!!

    They simply can´t ( or wont )find that paintcode anywhere in their system !!!!
    I find that hard to believe.
    What is so special with this white colour I have ?
    Anyone else, with a white Cube ( KJ7 ) being able to find the touch up paint or spray somewhere ? Tell me where... please. :?:
  • <p>Hi I have a Gen 2 Cube with KJ7 paint, you can get it from Autopaint St Helens WA9 3PH, they also have a website</p><p> <a href=""></a></p><p> </p><p> </p>;
  • Please note I need to update my pic, I now have a chino white cube not a silver one!
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