• Cheers. Bought it in February this year and I believe the previous owner is called Dawn and is a member on this site. It's got the butterscotch colour cube weave cloth seats with cube over-mats. 7 seater. Custom stainless full exhaust. Stock ride height and used to have TSW alloys but I put the steel wheels on with Moon discs for winter. If any other member wants these discs they can be bought from

    One of the back doors seems to have stopped locking when key fob is pressed so need to investigate. Any pointers?

  • Sweet moon discs, both me and ronster put a post on here earlier in the year saying we wanted moondiscs. :D

    are they on the 14" steels or 15"s?

    Just need whitewalls. ;)
  • 14s. I might put white bands later in the year but as it's the wife's daily driver it needs to be fairly hardy X-D
    Discs came off my old Mercedes which also had whitebands
  • I put white inserts in at begining of year but they kept coming out. X-D . The cube def does suit moondiscs, I really wanted a set but got some 14" minilights cheap.
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