Our white Cube

Tempted to say my Cube... but I think it is fair to say our Cube, as my wife actually helped to buy one.
Also our 10 year old boy is happe with the looks.
Brought it to my work yesterday.
Should have it home soon, as I need to get my residential parking permit sorted out first.


  • Verrrry nice.....loving the arch kit n white,works well i think....N1 ;)

    rf 8-)
  • Very nice example of the breed. 8-)
  • Sweet! Unusual arch covers. Cool though! :)

    Wherabouts in London are you? I'm down here at the moment, Cube-less though :(
  • Very nice!
  • Nice 8-)

    If someone said to put chrome arch covers on a cube I'd think they were mad but they actually look really good 8-) 8-)
  • Yes, I was pleasantly surprised myself about those chromed wheel arches.

    The previous owner did those, also the wheels ( which we also like ) are done by previous owner.

    A lots of things already done to my liking !!!!
  • That is keen i really like it!!!!!! :D
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