Orange Cube going on holiday

Just thought id share a few pics of the cube going on holiday. it wasnt quite as shiny coming home....


  • Hehe wicked. I bet you got some looks! Where did you go?

    Looks great with the arch kit by the way!
  • I drove to a music festival in near Berlin, then Berlin itself. The Germans stare at English cars as it is.... but a cube! It was an interesting holiday i can tell you. The cube is currently covered in adverts for Disney Pixar's new film UP. It only adds to the crazy local jaws hitting the floor. I will post some up when i can get some high res pics done.
  • Awsome Cube dude. Best colour i think. X-D ;)
  • I havent had a chance to take any good pics as of yet, but here is the draft design. The black bit is where a large UP sticker is placed. Still a bit annoyed they coloured it yellow and not orange, oh and its a new style cube pic not our 'classic' version.

    If anyone lives in Kent you may be spotting me buzzing around.
    P.s. book your tickets for Disney's UP at

  • Wow, wicked how did you get that? Is it a full body wrap?
  • I work for Cineworld you see, we have teamed up with Disney Pixar to promote UP. I dont personally get paid for this but we could win 2k for the staff. Its not a wrap, just vinyl lettering and logo's with a huge up banner sticker. I should have some pics up by the weekend. Ive looked into getting adverts on my car for a while, but had no joy so i jumped at the chance for this. Us Cubists dont mind people staring at us so i thought the more the merrier!
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