ffront pads gen 2
  • Been have a lot of trouble getting from pads for gen 2 I found a part number on here blueprint adl142132c how ever tryed all over Suffolk I am in the trade so had loads of contacts. Found a mintex pad mdb3009 at a to z motorspares. Dewsbury wf12ob www.mintexonline.co.uk my pads are 144.5 long with audio scraper. And price delivered to silly Suffolk person 29.00 mintex is one of the big boys in the brake world

    Part number 143137

  • Here you go:

    I just recently fitted a new set to mine. Went for the extra and got the ADL Blueprint ones. Fitted perfectly.

  • I tryed them they were out of stock. Adl l ones around here were silly money local starting at fifty sqid thats truck money.thanks hillandsky
  • Do the nissan note pads fit the cubic..?
  • Morning my one did not fit from a note I used this to find them http://www.autopartoo.com/oem/mintex/MDB3009.html. I used mintex mdb3009 your best way is to take out and measure to be shore . Hope this helps

    Descripition: Thickness [mm]: 14,2 Width [mm]: 144,5 Height [mm]: 49,1 Number of Wear Indicators: 2 Wear Warning Contact: WVA Number: 24682
    247 x 164 - 5K
    211 x 128 - 4K
  • hi toaster

    so those mintex ones fitted or are you still on the hunt?



  • Hi cubed yes the mintex fitted fine to my gen 2 and I get them fairly easy as well thanks why do have some .?
  • I'm due to get some brake pads fitted this year and it's good to know another source and part number. :)

    Especially if you've had problems getting the blueprint ones.

  • They good as any other and mintex been doing brakes a lot off decades
  • Are the cubic brake discs 260mm. just like the k12 micra 1.5turbo d.
  • Not sure if this site helps but you can search using sizes .......................

  • thanks toaster good info =D>