New member/Z11 owner here!
  • Hi all,

    Thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new on here. My name is Paul and I have just bought my first cube and love it. I knew there would be a few niggles as I did get it for really cheap. I'll whiz through them to give you an idea about what I discovered. Feel free to advise me on anything as I'd much appreciate it. 

    First thing was first, I have booked in for a full service as it's not long landed in the UK. 
    Then I knew it'd need paint and I wasn't wrong... 3 scuffs on bumpers, but then I noticed chips on the roof. There are quite a few so that'll need attending to. It's booked in for the paint so I'll see how that goes. 
    I undersealed the underside at the back as it was looking quite bare, so I'm happy with that now, but overall it looks really good underneath and the engine bay doesn't look far off new!
    I swore a lot when I took the spare out of the boot as there was water in there. It seemed to be coming from the boot seal near the hinge. But when I pushed the seal, it popped back on slightly, so fingers crossed that has cured it but will keep my eye on it! :-s 
    The only other niggle is I am keen to change the headrests as the bars look a bit second hand - are they cross compatible from K12 Micra?!?

    All in I've factored in things like this into the cost so I'm still happy all in. 

    Thanks for reading and I'll look forward to some chatting!

  • Hi Paul, congrats on the car. Not sure about the head rests, but I too have the boot leak issue. I find the door doesn't close tightly at the top on the latching side on mine. Yet to sort it properly as when I adjusted it the door just flexes! Great fun cars though, easy to work on and sensible for parts.
  • Cheers. Well we've just bought a 99 Micra as a run around so will check headrest stiff in a bit. Fingers crossed the boot is still dry, but waiting for another seal I ordered, as the existing one has an unrelated crack. Hope you solve yours! Anyone else in West Mids? It's in the paint shop at the moment t for a couple of bits but am hoping this Cube thing isn't addictive. Just got a run of Audi Aluminium Silver to blow over one of the wheel trims. Is anyone else nervous about undersealing? I've bought a tin of hammerite pebbledash paint to be safe!


  • A full underseal and voids is a must if it's a new import. I had a 95 eunos that was like it had rolled out the factory but the trouble is as in a lot of japan they don't grit their roads they don't corrosion protect and so they rust to dust the second they get near the slap dash gritting of a UK winter!

    Look for someone locally that can do you a full waxoil treatment including the voids in the rails and the like and it will serve you for many years.

    Headrests I'm not sure about and don't get to hung up about paint as being slabs they attract stone chips like nothing else and is the reason a lot us have wrapped bonnets or bras on the front.
  • Thanks for the advice. The paint shop practically told me not to get the roof repainted. The garage who serviced it today commented on the condition underneath. The only thing they were not sure about was the oil change for the gearbox. Is there a special procedure, e.g. a certain gear to drain it in etc, or is it simple? Yes the chips are a nightmare, will keep my eye on the paint, looks smart though at the moment! :-)