• Hi folks,
    I'm still looking for my ideal Cube and it came to my notice that some have been lowered by previous owners. Whilst I can see why people do lower them, I really don't want mine lowered (for insurance reasons and the fact I am a big guy and it'll be plenty low enough with me and my other half in it anyway!).

    Question: How easy is it to restore a lowered Cube to its original height?

    Thanks for your help!
    Jim :)
  • Pretty easy, just refit some standard springs.
  • standard springs. possible that they may of changed the legs on front and shockers on rears to make up for lowering springs 
    questions to ask
    1 what has been done 
    2 was the cube legs used 
    3 did the owner keep old stuff 
    4 did they use rear shockers 
    5 or did they just cut them down and hope !!??
  • If you need new springs they can be swapped for micra units but the best thing to do is to swap the whole unit as the seat rings are slightly different. If you find yourself on the facebook group Shout up that you want some springs as plenty o folks go lower and have the springs left over, also there is a guy that regularly breaks cubes that you could probably get a full set from.
  • Thanks for all your replies! It's a while since I have done any work on cars but if I knew what to do I could probably do it! Appreciate your help folks :)