Transmission linkage broken?
  • Morning Cubesters,

    After months of having to engage "Neutral" to start rather than "Park" finally the auto transmission linkage has broken on my 2003 Gen 2

    Luckily, AA managed to get me home by connecting it with cable tie and wire.

    I'd like to track down the part but not sure what it's called? I thought the AA guy called it an "actuator"?

    If anyone knows or could direct me to an exploded diagram (with part numbers), that would be marvellous!

    Many thanks in advance
  • morning can you put up pic of bit pls so I can do some homework
  • Yes, thanks Toaster. Find attached.

    I've managed to remove the half that bolts to the transmission (round black plastic bit in photo).

    There's a pic from the bottom (with AA wire attached)

    And a pic of the rod half from top.

    Not sure how to get the rod half out of the bracket that bolts onto the block. There's absolutely no room to manoeuvre. I can barely get my fingers in. Probably have to remove grill, rad etc   
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  • ok thanyou if you like but it will be tomo I look on my one to see what you need to get out of jail  and how to do the job if that's ok
    Also there are three been broke on ebay  so worth a look and ask 

    34908M: cable assembly, key inter lock

    OEM part numberRequired
    per car
    Production periodSpecCodeExteriorInteriorApplies for modelsNotesReplacementsPlease order in advanceIn stock
    349083U0000110.2002 - 05.2003CR14DE.AT
    25.85 USD
    349083U0000105.2003 - 05.2005CR14DE.AT
    25.85 USD
    349083U0000105.2005 - 09.2006CR14DE
    25.85 USD

  • Wow! Thanks Toaster. That's exactly what I needed. I came across those jen 2 cubes being broken so will contact today. BTW it's the gearbox end I need to replace rather than the column end. Although judging by the drawing it comes as one piece?image
    box linkage.jpg
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  • yep one piece sorry 
  • Ordered from a scrappy today...£53 including VAT & courier
  • well done all be good now thanks for update