Nissan cube 1.4i auto 2002
  • Hi new to the forum just bought my first cube.
    Need some help never been on a forum but need some advice and spares..
    firstly my cube is a 52 registered however it has cube 3 on the rear door badge ? Its a 1.4 auto
    So is it a gen 2 or a gen 3

    I am looking to source parts for the car i need 2 bottom arms, 2 inner tie rods and 2 track rod ends basically overhauling the front end as its loose and rattles with wear in various bushes any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Any advice on general things to look out for etc would alos help.
    Should be gen 2 1.4 front suspension stuff normal micra k12 1.4
  • So all the micra inner outer track roads and steering rod inner ties should be k12 micra fittiment?
  • Outer yes not Sure about inners
  • Toaster just checked the inners there fine its both wishbones and on the driver side theres a dog leg shaped strap with 1 bolt in each end having trouble finding this part online
  • Hi can you take pic and their should be one the over side not sure what you mean by a dogleg strap
    300 x 225 - 14K
  • Looks like that
  • Wont let me upload here an ebay item no 263122104770 this is the piece i am talking about cheers
  • that's unusal part to were thanks for link their are about on line found them
  • No problem its only one side and its the bushes there loose