Rear door won't open from outside? Cube 2009
  • When I start the engine and open the rear door from the INSIDE it will continue to open/close correctly whilst the engine is running. Basically, I have to go through this procedure every time. As soon as the engine is turned off (and before locking the doors) the rear door won't open from the outside.
    Has anyone had same/similar problem?
    How did you resolve it?
    What happened if you took it to the dealer?
    I can't fix it myself as I am not in the least bit technically minded.
    Nissan want to charge me £395.00 to fix it even though it appears to be a known problem.

  • probably the central lock switch inside the door. take it to a non nissan garage & get them to check it has power going
    to it when engine is running and switched off, it might just be shorting out.
    good luck.