2003 Nissan Cube - what's behind leaking rear plate cover on upper upper oil pan?
  • Hi guys, I think there's a leak coming from the yellow plastic cover on the upper oil pan of my 2003 JDM Cube (CR14DE engine). Is anyone familiar with this issue and how to remedy it? The service manual simply states that it exists. It doesn't show a gasket, how it's attached, or what's behind it. Think I can pry it off without draining the oil?


    pictures of service manual (item #7) and of leak: http://imgur.com/a/KdEDP

  • I Hi yes I do know .
    If your reference to part no1 then it's not that easy you have to remove drive shafts unbolt auto box and then remove oil and lower pan and their are bolts in side for upper pan both bits use rtv sealants no gasket .
    Not sure what you mean by yellow peace ? I will up Load some picks I have when I did my one this my thread i started and their are pickes of the two piece sump you may have to view on the maim site 

  • Thanks for the response, toaster.  Sorry for the late reply, "notification on reply" wasn't on.  Yeah, someone else commented that it was either the upper oil pan (part #1 like you said) or it was the rear main seal (the seal ring around the crankshaft connecting transmission and engine).  The yellow (faded) piece I was referring to is part #7 in the diagram.  I was told it's a viewing panel for the torque converter in the transmission.  The repair is much more involved than I hoped.  I'm losing about a quart a month, so I'm going to live with it and hope it doesn't get worse. :)  I tried adding some engine oil leak sealant, but it doesn't look like it's working for me.