• Two questions about my CR14DE 2004 Cubic.

    1) The catch on the arm rest list lid has broken, which is fine when horizontal but when raised the lid falls open and everything falls out! Easy to unscrew and replace but has anyone got one I can buy? Or suggest where to get one?

    2) Shift gear lever sometimes sticking in park, have to press shift lock and pull down at same time to select required gear from standing start. Any thoughts on rectifying?
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • I guess you are selecting from standstill with foot on brake I know a silly question .
    It can be the brake pedal switch been cort or loose wire blowen fuse or early start of gear lock solenoid failure .
    When you use the shift button dose the shift lever move smoothly or is it a good pull followed by a jolt ?
  • Thanks for reply, It's smooth as normal, but I'm sure the shift lock button used to click and hold in when pressed whereas now it doesn't ? Not that I've had any reason to use before now.

    First item above now ordered from Japan Amayama.com :)
  • Hi normal operation in emergency is press it to release from park and you can shift to what every you need and wel put back into park it will lock again
  • Ok, I've had it since 2008 and never had to use it before. It's a two handed job at the moment though, press and hold with one hand and move away from park with the other. I don't think that can be right?
  • Mist a word our sorry
  • Thanks for reply! Ah so I'm now using it in an emergency mode! Do you think a mechanic can sort it or more of an auto electrician job?
  • thats rigt like i said the fault can be a simple fix a friendly meck should be able to sort it mor likely to be a power lose ie soliniod in the release meck or pedal switch fuse and the like hope this helps all the best keep us uodated as this will help others 

  • Thanks for your help! It seems to have been becoming faulty gradually, sometimes ok sometimes dodgy, but now all the time, would this rule out fuse?
  • Go to the dealer and get the replacement clip for the cover.  Mine broke too and it's only a few dollars.

  • Having trouble selecting gears today, think it's the cable that's streched/breaking, anyone got one? Breaking?
  • ebay or  Dan Bell at first choice car imports