HELP PLEASE - Will these fit my 03 BZ11 Cubic
  • I don't understand OFF SET and I know it's important when choosing wheels. I've found some I really like they have the right four stud x 100. But I don't know what Off set the cubic has and I don't know how close it has to be??

    This is the Spec - 4 x 100 PCD 6.5 J x 16 H2 ET 42

    Will they fit please? Can anyone advise. They seem to be off a Vauxhall?

    Cars listed are Vauxhall Corsa sxi Sri Mini Vw vans sxi sri vxr etc.

    Thanks v much

  • I think that will fit just fine. The wheel is wider, but the offset means it is still "central" - it will stick out a bit more than standard, and into the arch a bit more than standard. Just my opinion really, but I'd say that won't rub when turning and will be just fine.

    Standard wheel was 5Jx14 ET45 front and 5.5Jx15 ET50 on the back. Wheel centre bore is 60.1mm on the Cubic, and I believe 56mm on the Corsa so you will probably need to have them machined out to fit on.
  • Mini centre bore is definately too small so they will need machining out to fit but it can be done and isn't usually hugely expensive. it will need factoring in though to your fitting costs.
  • Thanks both. They are ordered and I will report back. Much appreciated.
  • Update. Thanks everyone. They did fit, without spacers and they look good if I do say so myself.

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  • Awesome, good fit! I bought some new wheels for mine, the crown wheels from a Mini. Having the bores machined so they'll go on, nervous they won't fit properly in the arches!

    Did you have to machine the centres out? Down on the south coast I had real trouble finding somewhere to do it!
  • No they didn't need machining. Think they went straight on. Find a garage that likes wheels and they are more likely to 'get it' and help you sort it. Good luck.
  • Excellent. I just got my mini wheels on and they fit perfectly. Cost me £50 to get the centres bored out - need a huge lathe or vertical one to do it, so quite specialist.
  • Oh thats great news, pix??
  • Might have to do a thread soon. Just waiting for the front fog surrounds to dry (painted them today) and then I'll do some pics!