• My handbrake started sticking a couple of weeks ago and eventually made it into the garage yesterday. Was told I need a new cable and 2 shoes for £120. Told him to go for it. Got phonecall today telling me he cannot get a cable nowhere. Not clued up on this but there's a drivers side and passenger side to the cable and it's the passenger side he can't get. No problem finding a drivers side, tried 4 different places next stop Nissan but rather not 'cos I know they'll charge 4x the price of everywhere else and I'm already pulling out 250 on a stainless exhaust in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions of where to look would be appreciated.
  • Garage cannot find an after market passenger side cable anywhere. Just been told that Nissan can supply it for £168 (vat included).
  • That seems pretty nuts to me, but then I come from a world of BMW M parts costs, so I'd just take it on the chin. Is it really that different? Is it not common to a Renault Megane or anything? If yours is stuck presumably you can grab a part number off of it?
  • Had 6 cables come in, all driver side. It sucks being a cube owner at the minute. Nissan is a last resort obviously, that price is a joke. Hopefully something will come up. Cross everything.