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Hi everyone!
I'm new here so apologies if this question has been dealt with before.
I own a 2010 Kaizen (official import) and it needs a new back box and centre pipe. Nissan have quoted £460 for the parts alone! Which seems expensive. I have a very trusted mechanic who will carry out the work but does anyone have any advice on getting the parts a bit cheaper?
Cheers, Ratters


  • Hi and welcome I don't but others may know of options
  • £460 is cheaper than i was quoted last year.<div>go the stainless steel route like i did &get one made, mine cost £300.00 for cat back system.</div><div>good luck.</div><div><br></div>
  • £460 for the back box and a whole system for nearly £1k is the usual, as above almost everyone goes stainless cat back for around £300 which is a fit and forget with a lifetimes warranty.
  • There appears to be a known issue with corrosion where the backbox mates with the centre pipe. On my 2010 Kaizen the body of the backbox itself was totally sound, but was corroded af near the joint flange. After being quoted about £750 for a new xaust (!!) my friendly local independent cut the flange ends off both the backbox and centre pipe, sleeved the cut ends with a slightly oversize bit of offcut tube he had handy, and welded it up.  Total cost in parts = zero.  Seems like that particular bit of the system is a moisture trap for cars that do short runs, not getting up to temp enough to dry out, then sit around rusting from the inside out between runs.  Typical of many mobility vehicles.
  • mine was welded (not very well) at that flange.<div>my theory is threads were stripped at some time as thread size seems to be the dreaded metric fine !</div><div>don,t think quality of metals very good with oe system that,s why i went for s/steel.</div><div>if your keeping the car go for s/steel and you can forget about it.</div><div><br></div><div> </div>
  • Try to go to some local exhaust shops. They might have a cheaper solution for your needs.<br>
  • not really cost effective to repair o/e exhaust,mine was& didn,t last(previous owner)
    oe system not very good quality.
  • Got to say, I agree with icecube1 and Terry, I paid £250 for a new back box fitted in December, car just started sounding like a dry fart the other day again, had a look under to find centre pipe flange has gone now, quoted £210 for new fitted. Enough is enough, getting quote for a stainless cat back system tomorrow from Exhaust Mania up here in Durham. If anyone is reading this having just bought a cube, I strongly recommend this being your priority job, otherwise, get used to pulling out a few hundred quid every couple of years.
  • your right !<div>the exhaust place who fitted my ss/ system showed me the internals of my old system,</div><div>everything inside was seriously corroded including the pipes & both boxes were half full of rust.</div><div>so even if it looks good from the outside if its o/e & over 3 or 4 years old its probably going to cause probs</div><div>as that seems to be the lifespan of most o/e mild steel systems these days.</div><div>given the age of the newest z12 the exhaust will be on its last legs.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • We had the centre pipe go recently on our 2010 Kaizen. R<span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">eading this thread, t</span>he back box is probably going to be next... <span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">@terry_hill ;D</span>id you get your back box made locally to Derby? If so who did you use?
  • Without a doubt the back box won't be far away in my opinion (talking from experience). I would recommend replacing the lot with stainless steel from the cat back. Taking out the silencer in the centre gives a nice growl too, it's what I did but each to their own.
  • I went to DKU over birmingham way but that's just because I had them recommended. lots of places you should b e able to pick one up, look at the powerflo website and see where distributors are based.
  • Sorry it's been a while - just wanted to say many thanks for all the suggestions – I got our stainless steel backbox done at Powerflow Derby, am pleased with it!
  • Exhausts don't like short journeys, and that's what most Cubes are used for. I've burned through several back boxes especially on cars I've owned for town driving, but when I used the commute for nearly an hour each way every day, that one lasted forever! It's something to do with water vapour forming acid in the exhaust I think. Meh, short journeys are bad, that's all I know!
  • correct <div>my one is still on o/e and 230000km later still good but the time will come to change </div>
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