mot time!!!

well my kaizen failed, 1st of my cars  to fail in 15 yrs.<div>lh wishbone ball joint excessive play, ( funny that! i have paperwork for replacement wishbone on that side from 2014)</div><div>i replaced the o/side one last summer as the ball joint boot was split,didnt even look at n/s as got paperwork for replacement.</div><div>i can tell you the n/side one had never been off , orig bolts still on & ball joint needed heat to get out .fitted new one now with all new bolts etc.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div>


  • continued!!
    o/s headlight beam too low, i can not adjust it as someone has mashed the adjuster
    i should have known that h/light was going to be a problem as the bulb
    was glued in and the clip was missing,i sorted that last summer too.
    funny it passed a mot last year when they fitted a new bulb to that light.
    i now have to pay full fee again after the 24th when its mot is due as nissan can,t get me a new h/lamp
    till the 28th .& car will be off the road after the 24th till i get it.
    so much for getting my car in early in case it needed any parts.
    nothing much else to say!

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