Location of MAF sensor?
  • Hi guys, where is the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor located on the Z11 Cube?  Is it in the Throttle Body?  Thanks.
    823 x 803 - 213K
  • All in top of air box
  • Can you be more specific?  All I can find is the Manifold Absolute Pressor sensor (number 4 in the diagram).
  • It is very rare to have both fitted to a car it's number four hope this helps
  • Thanks!  My cube has over 170000km.  I pulled the MAP sensor out and cleaned it with MAF cleaner spray.  The spray did clean off some oil, but I don't notice much difference performance wise.
  • I have a 2 MAF sensors ( 1 new , 1 used) bought to diagnose a problem. Let me know if you want it.