Cube 2004 second generation reserve tank capacity?
  • Guys, How big is  Cube 2004 second generation reserve tank capacity? I traveled with mine for 45KM with the fuel indicator light reading empty before refueling.
  • I think I managed the miles equivalent of 50km, and then bottled out and refilled. 
    Didnt want try run it compltely dry.
    But when refuelling even then I got nowhere near the 41l capacity, so I assume that there still must have been about 3-5 liters left, which would have possibly allowed for another 30km maybe...?

  • Hi it is handy to know however the chance of the gauge miss reading is a real one .I know in my one from brim to light on is 200 miles and I did a ferver 90 miles however I did not enjoy the worry coming back from Spain late at night so glad to see a fuel station and it took 44 litres so it must of Been dry fue .