Z11 Cube - Fan / AirCon - always hot & battery question
  • Hi All,

    Since owning my car the fan has always blown hot. Aircon on or off, no matter what the setting - always hot?

    Anyway else had this problem or any ideas how to remedy?

    Also think I need a new battery - seems to be struggling to operate electric windows if stereo on etc. Any idea what make model battery, preferably Heavy Duty would be suitable for a Z11?

    Thanks in advance!

  • The battery problem if your car start ok theirs a good chance your battery is fine .
    Heat stuck on hot to me sounds like a control cable has come of or a control flap/tap is stuck
    When you say allways hot can you control the cabin heater hot to cold ?
    Does the aircon switch light come on when pressed and do you here the ac clutch snap in to drive mode after pressing switch
  • There is a little lever down to one side of the air unit that has been known to snap. reachable from the footwell and apparently works well enough with a flip from hot to cold by hand in the spring and autumn but not very adjustable. There was a thread about this recently on the facebook actually.