gen 3 kaizen stg u/j
  • noticed a very light click on my steering wheel when on full lock (right).
    seems to be coming from the telescopic  stg column lower shaft at sliding part (rotated stg wheel while holding it & can feel it)
    any one replaced this part or any advice would be appreciated.
    its held on with two splined bolts & thats it.
    greasing it has made no difference.
    reluctant to have nissan or other garage do this as after going to five not one
    including nissan even looked at the car, same old replies "bring it in".
    nissan gave me a price for doing job, i now have even more grey hair.

  • I guess your talking about the column ?.Have to diy then best any way you should get the service you need . Have not done a column change on a gen 3 however is only nuts and bolts and some plastic trims and a bucket of luck ao forget the main steeler and diy.
  • thanks for the reply toaster,
    main stealer £250.00 to do job without even having a look or knowing its a uk kaizen.
    from what i can see you can get at both bolts, just waiting for my new shaft to turn up.
    maybe its just me (ex mechanic) ,it only takes a couple of minutes to have a look right ?
    my thoughts are this, if garages have not worked on cubes before they don,t want the job.
    still like it to bits had two offers to buy it since i put it on the rd ( no chance).

  • Just all it takes to look dose not cost and then they may get the work but silly us .I am a mechanic 40 + years and it still gets me wen md still try and rip people off .hope you hav fun