• Sad to say our CUBIC RIDER died last weekend a very sudden death.
    I'm not even going to post the gruesome pictures, as they involve the above mentioned dead animal.

    Sufficient to say that the badger (the size of a small pig) ran in the road and took out the entire front of the car.
    By the time we got to a stop, radiator front skirt, lights and a whole bunch of other things were just wrecked...

    Waiting for insurance now, and then off to find a replacement. Which will have to be a CUBIC again.

    No one injured, luckily, but am still amazed by just how much damage that animal did to the car...

    Any hot leads on reliable dealers, as I'm back to square one now...?

    Thanks and Best

  • Hi it's a sad day .you missed a replacement cubic in my village 06 clean and cheap doh .hope yogurt find one
  • damn...thanks though....will keep my eyes open!
  • sorry to hear that
    i hit a labrador dog once that ran straight into the front of my 
    escort mexico it was easily repaired being metal but the dog passed away infront
    of me & its owner
    hope you find another cubic soon.