gen 3 wishbone replacement
  • anyone replaced rh wishbone on a kaizen ?
    looks straightforward apart from front stabilizer to subframe also mounts 
    wishbone bush.
    any advise will be appreciated.
    thanks , ic1.
  • not replaced it but I've stripped it all to lower the car. can't see it being that hard to get the last bits I didn't do off but be warned you'll need a fair amount of penetrating oil and rust release for the japanese superglue in all likely hood!
  • done it yesterday.
    pretty straight forward.
    subframe must be supported at front of car or front of s/frame will drop
    & inner bolt will either not come out or strip its threads.
    note! threads on all wishbone bolts is jap metric fine.
    no goo on any of my bolts.
    thanks for the reply.