Hello, New to the Cube
  • Hi all, Just want to say hello, My name is Chris and I am from Dublin, Ireland. I bought a z11 cube yesterday, it is a really nice car. The one I bought is a little decked out but I got it at a good price. My other cars have always been Japanese sport cars so its nice to have some thing convenient for a change, I just have the cube and my red Supra now. I plan to remove the twin straight through exhaust and try and source an original exhaust.
  • Welcome to the club nice cars. Your exhaust will be same as micra k12 theirr two main types clamp together or bolt together..your old unit put it on here or the Facebook page for sale . enjoy the laughter and pointing people .
  • yeah I got the looking and laughing already, really fun. Anyone know if this will fit? 

  • When my one wentI just put on that type as long as you look and see what connection to your cat is bolt together or slide
  • its bolt on, so I ordered that one, cant go wrong at the price its at.
  • I've looked under a few of these cars and they've all been bolt on. I think my exhaust may be leaking (MOT in a couple of weeks so I shall find out!), in which case I'll be fitting one of these myself! Hoping that I can fit it closer to the body of the car, as it does hang very low, especially considering my car is lowered as well.
  • Good luck, I will let you know how I get on.