Speedo WAY off

Hey guys. What tyre size are you running? And is your speedo 20% over reality like mine?


  • I run ,195(50)15 ,@60 it's really 57 on GPS if you can reliable on that
  • I measure with GPS as well, and at 70 indicated it was actually 57! Quite a difference. I have aftermarket 15" wheels and I think the tyre profile is too low. May have to upgrade to 16" ones just to help sort it, it drives me bonkers!
  • Has your had a Speedo convert done if so that's were your problem will be
  • It has the dial in mph but the computer still in km. I think it might just be that my aftermarket wheels have got lower profile tyres on - I'm away from home at the moment but will check when I get back!
  • My speedo is ok until you get up beyond 50, then it's out by a good 10%. 90 is 80 and so on. :)
  • From what I've seen, over reading speedometers are commonplace on the Cube/Cubic.<div><br></div><div>As has been indicated previously, the amount of over reading isn't linear. So when doing the conversion you could set the needle to be spot on at 30 mph, but the speedo would still be over reading at higher speeds.  </div>
  • Yes I drove a couple before I bought mine, but mine is definitely much worse than the others! I've got lower profile tyres on my aftermarket 15" wheels, so my rolling radius is going to be a bit smaller than standard. A good excuse to get some BBS replicas!
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