Engine conversion for Cubic

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Has anyone ever done any engine conversions in the 2nd gen cubic and if so what engine did you all use??<br>


  • ere is a hyabosa and a type r in Japan and some were on here someone has done a supercharger and a 15dci from a micra
  • Ok cool, I was talking to mechanic and he said some people are trying out the QG18 engines but i haven't seen any as yet, only saw one fitted with a GA15..<br>
  • I imagine if it goes in a Micra it'll go in a Cube. I'd hope that the engine mount positions would be the same as well. The coding or swapping of ignition systems and keys etc is always the bit I dread about such a swap.<div><br></div><div>A Hayabusa Cube must be quite interesting! I'd love to put a GTR engine in the back, might be a bit high-budget for me though!</div>
  • look to thailand they race the cube and pretty sure I've seen an SR20 and manual gear box shoe horned into one in photos. language barrier is the biggest challenge to there though.
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