Purchased my first Cube today !

Purchased a new Z11 2005 today and in very good condition as far as I can tell so far! Where could you advise is the best place to get a new wireless entry key as I've been told they are self programmable and what after market double din stereo would anyone recommend and where would you get it fitted ?- thanks


  • Hi seeker enjoy the cube ,we're abouts are you roughly. The radio up to your taste but most radio s are iso now and the cube has a very quick remove dash panel
  • Im in Milton Keynes the car is in Wales and came off the boat last week - I'm picking it up on 1st July - I have the full panasonic sat nav in it but I understand you cannot put UK maps in so I think I'll install a new unit with sat nav, Bluetooth, DAB and maybe DVD - although Ive got one already with everything except sat nav so I might use that - i just hope that the ariels current stuck to the wondown can be reused for my new unit - it also has an aftermarket reversing cam which works but could be better so that needs changing - just need to find the best way of getting a spare wireless key!!<br>
  • Find a car locksmiths and have a talk they may point you in the tight path .nissan will be expensive I guess
  • Thanks - found a few places and looks like you can programme them Yourself but most only advertise 2009 models onwards
  • Check out the FB group too. There's a member on there Leanne who has a unit to do the programming. She's sorted a couple of other members out recently.
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