2006 Cube Brake Light Help!

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Hi, new to the forum and need a bit of help regarding my Mrs car.

She has a 2006 cube conran which we purchased from a importorters in Bristol a few years ago. That's as much as I know about the car.

Anyway, the rear drivers side brake light stopped working yesterday. She took it to Halfords as well as a few local garages and none of them seem to know how to get at the bulb!?

Can anyone shed any light on this matter, maybe a link/how to, a garage in Pompey area that may know what they are doing and any particular bulb that's required?

We are going away to Cornwall on Friday, so even a garage down there would be handy.

I can't believe a bulb change is this much trouble haha!

Thanks in advance for any help.



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    Well now then remove number plate behind that is a bolt or two can't remember then slide lamp towards the middle then the light will come out simpulls. How ever the bulbs are cap less / blade bulbs may have to hunt around for thems.
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