those fiendish japanese cars
  • why are cubes such a pig to work on?
    if you check my previous posts you will know i,m a new kaizen owner whos going through my car
    before putting it on the road, yes ive had some issues but my currant gripe is lack of information
    when it comes to working on these cars, i,m not talking about std mechanical w/shop stuff its the other stuff
    i,e airbag & stg wheel removal, i,m in the process of changing my plastic wheel for a leather one & there is nothing on the net about this at all.
    the silver panel on the right needs to be changed over to my cube one with controls on it and it WILL NOT COME replacement steering wheel.
    i know you can buy w/shop discs for my cube but the parts catalogue i bought for my daihatsu materia didnt work & i dont want that to happen again.
    i know its unlikely that anyone has done this mod , i just wanted to blow off  steam about it,  
    i am an ex auto engineer who has worked on many diferent makes of car , so far my cube is the worst.
    here,s hoping things get better.
  • changed the oil today as i have no idea what oils in it,
    nothing stripped or broke so things are looking up
    shell helix synthetic 5w30 oil, bosch oil filter & new sump plug washer
    parts cost £25.00 .took twenty minutes to do job.
    please note ,sump washers are crushable type so are only used once.

  • I have the US workshop manual that has all the wiring and mechanical disassembly guides. I can drop box it to you if you send me an email address in a pm.
  • thanks terry! got one now.
    mate downloaded one for me, no charge.