imported spares

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hi all<br> just visited monster imports and saw a gen 3 back box for sale @£50 thought was a good deal until i added the shipping costs £327<br>not complaining just letting you know --if you dont already<br>les<br>


  • the shipping costs are always high, They are an australian company so the item is shipped from japan to them then them to the uk! you could always as Peter on the facebook group if you can get an item number for it as it's just a translation of the yahoo auction site and he could possibly buy it and ship it direct at a lower cost?
  • Talk to Toomey Southend on Sea main Nissan dealer. No problem scourcing any Cube Z11 spares including exhaust. May take a few days if not in UK stock, they ship it in from Holland warehouse or direct from Japan. I have used them several times. Also Powerflow Exhausts, Google them, they will make up a system to your design, probably modify your noisy back box
  • A gen 3 exhaust can be got through dealers easily.... its just the fact it costs nearly a £1k!
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