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hi<br>have kaisen 1.6 cvt with<br> 6 month old middle to rear stainless exhaust system<br>i am finding it noisy on acceleration and very drony on runs<br>have had it checked out and all joints ok<br>i am told that this is a symptom of stainless steel<br>cannot get gen 3 system have read somewhere that other models fit??<br>middle and back box--can anybody help or would they like a sporty exhaust-lifetime warranty<br>in exchange for a standard system<br>les spragg<br>


  • Unfortunately there is no shared platform exhaust for the gen 3, thats why either you or the previous owner went stainless. you can get an oem exhaust from Nissan to replace it but it will cost nearly £1000 from memory. best bet is to maybe talk to a stereo installation company and find out how much it would be to sound deaden the rear of the cube as hving pulled that area apart there is nothing in anywhere that would stop any sound coming in and the original back box to deaden the exhaust note is huge! I have done bits to mine myself and it has made a slight difference and I now have plans to get some MLV and closed cell foam to really sound insulate all the rear of the car. <div><br></div><div>I don't think the shape of the car helps as often I find the exhaust sound is louder inside than out as the car acts like a resonator!!</div>
  • Other option is to see if there's room for a muffle box to be added to help
  • thanks toaster<br>i wonder if i the silencers wrapped in heat tape whether it would make any difference<br>les<br>
  • Increasing the mass is likely to help as it would stop sound being able to pass through the walls of the box. Thats all a large section of the sound deadening products available do. Could well be worth a try.
  • my kaizen,s exhaust has been welded at the back box flange, not good !<div>intending to have a ssteel system made, will look at rear box sizes as i have read on other cube sites smaller rear box </div><div>will make the exhaust louder.</div><div>any idea who made yours ? </div><div>you could try a larger s/steel rear box that should absorb more noise.</div><div>good luck!</div><div><br></div>
  • thanks all for input<br>i think i will make this a project!<br>les<br>
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