help needed finding cubic rear brake shoes
  • HI everyone,ive recently bought a 2004 gen 2 cubic 7 seater.
    Im having trouble finding rear brake shoes for it,they are 230mm and marked AK a903 ee and made by akebono.
    BLUEPRINT ADN14163 are not the same fitment as they are 180 mm.I have done a quick search of the forum and cant seem to find an answer to this problem.
    Any help or info would be appreciated.
  • Hi hope this helps you
    Nissan Cube Cubic BGZ11 03-05 230MM Brake Shoes
    4 x Rear Brake Shoes ICP4868

    BGZ11 Models ONLY
    2003 TO 05/2005 ONLY
    230MM Diameter
    800 x 650 - 47K