Storage bins.

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Hi guys does anyone have the rear storage bins for their cube? Do the bins for gen3 fit gen2 or are they specific for each. I'm after some gen2 ones please.


  • Hi their eBay are braking some cubes I guess your talking about the rear under floor bins one holds jack and towing eye and over is for your stuff
  • No. There is an aftermarket storage solution that brings the floor level with the back seats when folded flat. Two bins, one lockable.
  • Ooooooooo did not know of this best of luck Dom
  • Didn't know they ever did them for the gen 2, the boot space is a different shape and so I doubt a gen 3 one will fit a gen 2. if they did do them you'll not find one in the UK I doubt and so you'll have to order it from japan. Cost wise it's probably cheaper to have one made from plywood at a car trimmers than it would be to get one imported.
  • How much different is the boot space between the two? There's loads of accessories available for the gen3 but hardly anything for gen2
  • There are loads for the gen2 you just have to remember they are a good few years out of production and were only ever available in japan so you have to trawl something like import monster to see what is around. Space wise there isn't a lot of difference but shape wise and the fact your spare wheel is in sthe boot on the gen 2 means I'm not sure they ever made a system that would block off access to the spare.
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