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I am now the proud owner of a 2006 1.5l cube really pleased just needs the rear bumper resprayed as its a bit tatty and I also have a dilemma, I purchased a pair of mint xenon headlights factory standard options, but when I went to fit them there wasn't the loom to fit them.<div>I thought as they where an option it would simply be a case of find the unused plug and away we go but NO, Can anyone help please as these are mint condition direct from Japan and cost a few pennies is there a loom or kit I can buy to fit them.</div><div>Will upload pics of the little beauty tomorrow, also waiting on approval to the Facebook group, looking forward to getting to know members and learning more about these cars.</div><div><br></div><div>Cheers Graham</div>


  • Hmmmm HID's would need a ballast so if that isn't part of the unit then it's likely that bit which needs finding to plug into the car and complete the bits. I wouldn't expect the ballast to be in a car that didn't have the HID's. I have a gen 3 and there is no HID option for those so don't know for sure. If Ballasts are needed then Peter on the facebook group is based in Tokyo and could look to source some for you.
  • Don't forget in UK there slightly anti mot police
  • When I took mine for an mot ,they asked if my hid's were factory fit or not and i said they were but they never failed the car over it was
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