Nissan Cube 2005 Spare or Repair
  • 005 1.4 Nissan Cube

    Bodywork is excellent - no paint needed.

    The interior is superb.

    What's wrong with it?  - the gearbox is believed to be knackered.  Has a awful noise and since I'm not a mechanic I've decided to sell it on.

    All import duties paid etc.

    You will need to register it with DVLA - can give you details of a guy that can do this for you.

    Will need to be transported - I know of a company that can do this.

    I did drive it from the docks and it did drive ok apart from this noise.  It now struggles to go in reverse.

    Maybe a simple fix but I honestly doubt it and believe it to be cheaper to replace the gearbox.

    More details ring Darren 07971 766665
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  • Have you tried to change the fluid in the box / checked the fluid level ?
  • Yes its full.. The car is going to a gearbox specialist this week to see if its an economical repair,

    The body and interior need for nothing - such a shame.
  • is the gear box just full or has the oil been changed? old oil is a nightmare and needs swapping out ideally. Unfortunately unless you can find a cube gearbox you don't have options for replacement I've heard back. The dealer we have contact with through the club has tried a Micra swap and the ECU won't talk to it.

    is it regular auto or CVT? Oh and where are you as Dan has said he could take a look if your not far from them.
  • Hello - thanks for your reply

    The gearbox is a 1.5 auto CVT.

    Spoke to Cube Cubic and they recon they are as rare as hens teeth.

    I've got it in a gearbox place for analysis but think its not a cost effective repair.

  • Dan Bell in southend has a contact that can repair CVT gearboxes but it's £1000 apparently so could well not be. A replacement CVT box is like gold dust though so could be your only option. Beyond that it's a case of part it out and make your money back.
  • 152061909675 eBay selling this cvt £375
  • oh no.... lol

    I just paid the £1200 to have it rebuilt!!!!

    That's the way it goes. Just my bloody luck
  • That gearbox is in Ireland so probably would have cost a fee Bob to get across here. That's what I keep telling myself. Damn
  • 152061909675 eBay are saying this cvt £ 375 may help
  • I wouldn't feel too bad about the £1200 rebuild. The box should be like new when it comes back, that £400 could have it's own issues once installed or fail in a few months where as your rebuild should serve you well for a long time to come.