Into 2nd with a kick

When mot'ing my cube a couple week back the mechanic pointed out the way the cube is slow to change up to 2nd and goes with a bit of a kick. I drive it really steady and never really noticed but in the cube with my wife driving (point n go) the other day i noticed what he meant and realised i had felt it before, it drives otherwise spot on and i never thought it a problem until he pointed it out. Anyone had this issue? Is it likely to become a problem??? Any thoughts???


  • I did answer your post other day get a service done on auto box first as the oil gets older it looses it property's you have to know which box you have as oil is different and total change on my one took 7 litres. Hooe this helps
  • Toaster, once again thanks for your advice. Any pointers on identifying the box? There is a local autobox specialist but i like to have an idea what i am on about before i go askin questions of someone who is gonna take money off me. This forum and people like ya good self make it a bit easier owning something that is maybe quirky?
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    Normal auto which has a o/d button on stick or cvt which I believe dose not ..
    on the auto dipstick there a lable/ tag I I get time tomo I take some pics for you .to help
  • If yours is j type u can use this type but you need 7 litres and some were to get under car to do it .I see about pick tomo
  • CVT normally has a goldy coloured dipstick cap but it says NS2 only on it what ever. I believe the CVT also has shift buttons on the steering wheel.<div><br></div><div>Yes as the advice above says first thing to do with odd auto issues is to change the oil.</div>
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