Hey guys anyone know anythin about cats? My gen2 cube failed the mot on emissions. According to the mechanic the lamda sensor seems to be workin so he leaning towards the car bein knackered! Anyone had cat issues???? Anyone any ideas on a fix???


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    The man is knackered. Not car if lambs ok their will be values read from O2 sensor I could be a holed leaking exhaust needs a service wrong oil. Plugs air filter may need changing . if it is all ways a town car a good drive may help very doubt full about car being knackered
  • How misleading it is when ya spell a word wrong and give half a story. Ok mr toaster first of all i meant CAT not CAR! Also to be fair to the mechanic he did say, like ya self, that if the lamda is ok then that points to the cat which with an oil n filter change n flush n a good fast run up the motorway the readings could change dramatically. The good news is both him and you were right!!!! With the above treatment the cat is in fine health again and my cube lives to drive another day! The readings werent just different, they were MASSIVELY different! Good result all round! Once again thanks for ya help!
  • Hey toaster whilst i am bothering you something else the mechanic pointed out is the way the cube is slow to change up to 2nd and goes with a thump. I have noticed this myself but it drives otherwise spot on and i never thought it a problem until he pointed it out. You have any thoughts on this? Many thanks for ya time n advice
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  • Hi terry_hill no spam here sorry how ever in over places theirs loads more than I can eat
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