Fault code p0132 .... O2 sensor changed code reading bank 1
  • Hi everyone I got my cube just over a month ago it's a 2010 Kaizen .
    The day I drove home from garage the engine management light came on .
    The garage have changed the 02 sensor . But the EML keeps coming back on giving the same code .
    P0132 .... 02 sensor high voltage bank 1 sensor 1

    Are there any suggestions as to why this would happen , are there 2 sensors ?
    Thanks everyone xxx
  • Possible causes
    - Faulty Air fuel ratio (A/F) sensor 1 bank 1
    - Air fuel ratio (A/F) sensor 1 bank 1 harness is open or shorted
    - Air fuel ratio (A/F) sensor 1 bank 1 circuit poor electrical connection
    - Inappropriate fuel pressure
    - Faulty fuel injectors
    - Intake air leaks may be faulty
    - Exhaust gas leaks