HID lights common?

Hey guys, was poking around in the engine bay of my 'new' 2007 cube and noticed a whole wiring loom, ballast blocks and uncoupled leads .... basically it looks as if my Cube had an HID kit fitted at one point, even though it is now back to standard.

Has anyone else seen this on their cars? Was it a common mod in Japan? I'm tempted to see if I can get them working again


  • They are a fairly common mod on lots of cars now, trouble is without auto levelling kits, projector lamps, and lens washers you in theory should fail an MOT here in the uk so I would think that they may have been removed at import to get it through compliance testing. If you get them working and keep both sets in the bay you can always swap them over come the test though!
  • Thanks Terry, good thinking, I may well do that then
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