hello new to here looking for some help

i hope someone can help me im looking for an off side front caliper for my nissan cubic ...my baby is poorly and needing some help to get better can anyone help me 54 plate 1.4 i want to got her on the mend ....any help in sorting here issue would be greatly appreciated thanks amanda from essex.  <br>


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    If you're looking for a shiny new caliper I think you may struggle unfortunately. I was in need myself and had to buy a second hand one. There a a few used ones around, mainly eBay, that would be the best bet. Also on eBay, there is a caliper overhaul kit available from Australia which will post worldwide at a decent price, around 30 quid in total I think.
    If you search eBay, look for the seller ajsparesltd, they are breaking a cube at the moment
  • There are companies out there that can overhaul and paint your existing calipers one of them are called big red I think ,you just send them off and they come back refurbished in a few days
  • Big Red are called Bigg red and have a double G but yes that's the one that will be able to sort you out refurbishing your calipers. They come back looking like new and have lots of options on finishes. 
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