• Hi all,

    I've got to change the gearbox on my gen 2 (non cvt) I was wondering if anyone has changed one before? Just wanted to know what kind of job it is, as in will I need a pit/ramp? Got a fairly high lifting jack, but just generally wanted to know, from experience,  any tips for a smooth changeover! 

    Much thanks, Jordan 
  • Wouldn't want to change a gear box without putting it up on a ramp but guess it could be done.
  • Why their bomb proof more likely to be transmission tcm
  • I thought the same, toaster, but it turns out they aren't. I'm not one for changing things willy nilly, so I did confirm it was the gearbox and not the tcu first. The foul burning smell was a big giveaway. It's changed now and is like a new car! Front end removed and a pair of decent axle stands (no ramp available). Wasnt too bad all in all.
  • That good well done