NISSAN CUBE Z10 Automatic transmission not shifting

edited February 2016 in Cube Owners Club
Hello Sir, Can you please give me suggestion why my Nissan Cube Z10  is not shifting gear? I changed CVT fluid already but still the same. Whent i start the car and wait for 5 minutes and drive it  looks like not shifting gear , only RPM is getting hi. No shifting gear anymore. Please give me some suggestion about my Nissan Cube z10. Thank you.


  • I think a micra gear box should fit if you cant get that one to work
  • A CVT box shouldn't feel like it shifts as the transmission constantly varies the ratio to accelerate (Continually Variable Transmission!). If when driving you get to loads of revs but never faster than say 20 mph then you have a problem if you get to 70 and the engine isn't screaming at 8000rpm your fine. it may be it felt lumpy before and having changed the fluid has made it feel like it should!
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