engine conversion
  • Hello everyone...i have bought a cube recently and want at least 180 + bhp without spending £££s so what is the best option? A bolt on turbo ? Or a transplant. Its a 2004 1.4 auto bz11 rider. 5 door 2wd. And the interior is kinda like a japanese bedroom so do anyone have any cool links?
  • there is a place that's put the engine and 4wd drive train from an evo into a k12 micra. The chassis for the 2 cars are basically the same so you could talk to them but pretty sure your looking at £KKKK's. beyond that bolt on a turbo but doubt you'll get 180+ as the blocks on the gen 2 can't take that much boost and the transmission won't take the torque. The guys out in Bangkok fit turbos quite a lot to their race cubes so plenty of pictures and info around as well as from australian cubes but also plenty of shots of blocks with the sides ripped out!