Buying used Gen 3 with some miles on it - what to expect/look for?

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<div data-contents="true"><div class="_45m_ _2vxa" data-offset-key="7vomn-0-0" data-block="true"><span data-offset-key="7vomn-0-0"><span data-text="true">I am thinking about buying a new gen3 kaizen, prices of course are affected by the mileage. How much are these cars reliable? Are they still ok after 50k miles? How much does it costs to fix the most likely wear&tear issues (belts, brakes, cooling, tyres) happening on a vehicle that is 50/70k old? </span></span></div><div class="_45m_ _2vxa" data-offset-key="epogg-0-0" data-block="true"><span data-offset-key="epogg-0-0"><br data-text="true"></span></div><div class="_45m_ _2vxa" data-offset-key="2fl45-0-0" data-block="true"><span data-offset-key="2fl45-0-0"><span data-text="true">Thank you very much</span></span></div></div>


  • see if you can see if it has had the electronic steering lock module changed, a number have failed and it's probably the biggest single risk item. beyond that the rear drivers side door lock can develop issues with opening from outside on some so check that. there are vents in the centre rear that can get blocked and let water into the boot, easy to correct but check under the rear carpet for damp. Beyond that it's mostly note/micra/juke parts so they are pretty resilient and robust. All the usual consumable elements are shared parts generally so things like brakes are the usual prices to get sorted. Exhausts aren't shared and run to almost £1000 for a cat back oem so most go for a stainless system which will cost you less than half that and is only needed to be done once.
  • Ok Thanks. This was really helpful. Talking about reliability, how resilient are these cars on average? Should I expect a big bill on the 70k mark (like most consumables parts failing in the same time and piling up a big expense) or will they last longer and fail in a "distributed" way - one piece a time? I am asking because I would likely want to buy a car with 50k+ miles to save some money (I guess that exceeding the psychological mark of 50 will lower the price). Considering I plan to drive about 8k a year, I just wanted to know if I have to expect a big bill coming forward during the 2-3 years after purchase<br>
  • to be fair I think you'll struggle to find one with that many miles on it and as such we don't really know what if anything will go wrong. the engines have a timing chain and as such no cam belt changing on the cards. Beyond that look to the ways the Note and Micra have had issues as they are common platforms.
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