Replacement Immobiliser

My wife and I just got a 2004 five door Cube.We have just one set of electronic key and an immobiliser. A little anxious were they lost although believe they are insured. I rang Nissan and charge for duplicate set is £294 sent from Japan. Is that about right? Quite an expensive anxiety. <br>


  • From Nissan they are pricey! if you are able to join our facebook group we have a man on the inside called Peter Grice, he lives in Japan and can get you a key fob with the blank cut by nissan there which I believe is cheaper than here. The problem is you still need it coding when it arrives here. There are 2 non-nissan places to get it done one in bristol and one near london we know of but I am sure there are others as it's done through the OBD-II port but needs certain readers to be able to access the correct section of the car.
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