Looking for Rear Bumper for Cubic Z11

Hi,<br>Managed to badly crack the rear bumper, and think I might actually need to replace the whole thing.<br>It is a white RIDER model Z11, Cubic version, but think the bumpre is the same pretty much as on normal Cube version.<br>Any pointers/help/advice much appreciated - ideally looking for a part in the Uk, as have seen some outrageously priced ones as Japanese imports only...<br><br>Thanks in advance<br><br>


  • Low chance of anyone having one in the UK so you would need to import one which is expensive ,I guess it would be cheaper to get it repaired unless you smashed to pieces of course
  • Is the rider not a stock bumper with extension pieces or is that another variant I'm thinking of. I know the front is model specific but thought the rear could be put together from your existing and a stock one.<div><br></div><div>If not try Peter Grice on the facebook group as he's based in japan and may be able to source on for you.</div>
  • Thanks Terry.<br>Indeed it is the extension piece. Had a look under the car yesterday and saw that it seems to be a separate part.<br>Thanks for the hint re Peter, and will see. If worse comes to worst, then I think I can actually take that part off and would then be left with the "stock" bumper", which is not cracked, until I figure out what and how to replace.<br><br>Thanks again. Much appreciated<br> <br>
  • other option is to try import monster, a more expensive route maybe but it comes through australia as a translation of the japanese Yahoo auctions (which are like their version of ebay)
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