wiring diagram
  • Hi I have a 2004 cube bz11
    where car i get a wiring diagram or workshop manuel ?
    lights on dash went out ,no indicators,speedo,rev counter 
     and handbrake ,ps ,abs lights on
    check the three fuse boxes and now non starting cube
  • Hi Peter .very hard to find . However k12 micra is similar. I would head for the intelligent system module it is near n/s head light the do suffer on early cube micras and notes .have good looks at it remove it from car and clean all on contract .I have a work shop Manuel on cd if you need more people me you email and I see if I can send it to you if it's not lock to my pic.
  • I think it's a relay ?
    but what relay?
    have check the white square fuse box
    will look again
    thanks I have email you
  • Thanks for the help ,fix the dash ,turn out to be the fuse number 8 in the fuse box by you knee