swooshing through the heater

has any one else had this this swooshing through the heater matrix on start up and when you rev it i know its air what courses it or combustion gases so ive actually swapped the engine for supposedly good one it looked the part but still got the same problem im wondering if it maybe the matrix i dont know help


  • I've not had the issue but does the fan speed increase or does the air just rush? the 2 air systems are different as far as I'm aware so there shouldn't be fumes leaking into the cabin as a result. I'm just wondering if as the engine revs and the alternator turns faster there is a surge in the electrical system speeding up the fan.
  • Hi Terry thanks for the reply no, what it is start the car from cold and you can hear the swoohing noise with out any fans on it air in the cooling system or combustion gases in the cooling system ive pressure tested it seems fine i bought a cylinder leakage tester and tested each cylinder and no bubbles in the radiator i was wondering if anyone has swapped a heater matrix or had problems with them plus it sups juice like its going out of fashion so god knows still scatching my head
  • Search for heater matrix on here, there have been people who have had issues but I don't recall all the symptoms. It has been swapped but not always successfully.
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