Cube-knowledgeable Garage in London for Service needed
  • Afternoon All,

    Our 2003 Cubic Rider needs to go in for a service, and was just wondering if anyone in the London area had a recommendation for a garage.

    We have driven it for approx 8000 miles since we had it/last service.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.
    Also, any tips on what to specifically highlight to the garage to check for (common issues etc)...
    Car runs perfectly at moment,a dn would like to keep it that way.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Its basicly a Micra so any reputable garage shouldnt have any issues.
  • I just use a good local independent garage for mine,although the simple service stuff I do myself
  • Much appreciated!
    Already made contact with my local garage, and will update once done, so that there is a reference for other users.