Cube-knowledgeable Garage in London for Service needed

Afternoon All,<br><br>Our 2003 Cubic Rider needs to go in for a service, and was just wondering if anyone in the London area had a recommendation for a garage.<br><br>We have driven it for approx 8000 miles since we had it/last service.<br><br>Any recommendations would be appreciated.<br>Also, any tips on what to specifically highlight to the garage to check for (common issues etc)...<br>Car runs perfectly at moment,a dn would like to keep it that way.<br><br>Thanks in advance,<br>Best<br><br>


  • Its basicly a Micra so any reputable garage shouldnt have any issues.
  • I just use a good local independent garage for mine,although the simple service stuff I do myself
  • Much appreciated! <br>Already made contact with my local garage, and will update once done, so that there is a reference for other users.<br>
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