• Club stickers are now available on a produced on demand basis direct from the club as production is being brought in house! Shipping is being split from the sticker price and will be £1.50 per order in the UK or $5 to the US. other areas please ask and I'll get a postage rate for you.

    They cost £1-$2 for white but other colours can be made with the price adjusted in relation to the cost of the vinyl (white is stock, other colours will be special order for now but that may change if certain alternatives prove popular but the price will typically be about £1.50-£2 or $2.50-$3 for custom) in the designs shown below. The gen 3 version can be flipped so the wrap window suits the handing of USDM/CDM cars if you prefer.

    Drop me a message for payment details as I'd rather not post them on the web page for all to see.
    gen 2 sticker.jpg
    489 x 143 - 36K
    1431 x 335 - 283K
  • I would like an owners club sticker please so appreciate your sending me payment details.
  • I would like to order one please please send me details of what I need to do - thanks
  • Still after a white sticker if you can let me know how to pay please ? Richard Merrell here btw we've chatted on FB
  • Hi are these still available ?
  • Still waiting to see pics of what I can buy and how ?
  • I would be interested could you send me some information.
  • This thread definitely needs a picture! I too am interested!
  • Same I am a new cube owner and member I'd like a sticker too please
  • As above please Terry - I'd like a sticker for our new Gen3 :)
  • Hi. We would love to purchase a sticker. We have a sage green 3rd gen cube.
  • Hi I've just purchased a z12 Nissan Cube and would like to buy a sticker could you send me the information to buy one plz
  • Kingmonkey and nye_ford can you email me at nissancubeownersclub at gmail dot com and I can sort you both out with your orders.