• Foolishly bought a 2nd hand Nissan connect 2 (LCN2K58A00) from a scrapped Nissan Juke 2014 and I'm trying to put it in my Nissan Cube 2010. 

    It goes through this "verifying installation" then after a while it says 

    "SECURE - System is locked Green Please contact your dealer"

    Nobody seems to know what to do... Any ideas please?

    can we not upgrade to a connect 2 in our Gen 3's? 

    I know there are a few LCN2 Sat Navs available but has anyone tried and succeeded?

    I know the centre console piece would have to be modified but will any actually work?

    Any help would be gratefully received 
  • HAs to be said I've been considering it as they come up on ebay fairly frequently and I thought they'd save me about £100 in connection kits but I'll follow with interest to see what you come up with. Like I said on Facebook I thought Scott would know but seems he doesn't so maybe take a trip to a dealer and feign ignorance with them and see what they come up with. Can't see what it has an issue with relating to the car as it's just power and speaker wires etc that go into it so I can't see there being some it's not a juke don't work code going on.
  • Quick search has come up with this.... wonder if the breakers tried to get it to life a few too many times and so it's in this mode, your message is different but could just be a different years stereo and message....

    Hi All

    A bit of an update for you all.

    None of the codes that are in the public domain or the "common" codes that are offered by the various "web based" code unlock companies (at between £8.99 to £25) worked.

    In the end, I found a company in Paignton, Devon, who were able to find the code, but I had to sent the unit to them.  They're not particulary cheap at £61 (inc VAT & delivery back), but they did unlock the unit very promptly.  

    When they recover the code, they also register the VIN number of the receipaint car so that it can be programmed into the head unit. I had to send a copy of my V5 document to them, so that they could do this.

    One thing that I found that was interesting, when you enter an incorrect code for three attempts the unit "locks" for an hour, you can then try three more attempts.  If these three attempts are incorrect, it then locks out for another hour, and then for another hour, and so on etc. etc.

    I read on this forum somewhere, that you can carry on entering these code attempts "for ever", but DND say that the unit will only allow a certain number of incorrect attempts (I don't know how many), after that number has been reached, the unit will totally lock up for good, and can only be "unlocked" by a Nissan dealership. They state the following:-


    This radio has a very limited number of code entry attempts. If the display shows "Incorrect PIN Entered too many times - System is now Locked - Contact your Nissan Dealer" then then all of your code entry attempts may have been used up, and it is now GAME OVER as we cannot currently recover it from this state. 

    Here's the URL for the web site for anyone else who needs a unit unlocking.


    So, I'm just waiting to get the unit back so I can fit it in my QQ! Smile

    So far, including all the postage costs I've incurred, and the purchase of a 2011 SD Map Card & the Nissan Microphone adaptor cable, the unit has cost me £179.  TBH, I'm OK with that 'cos the head unit I bought is the latest version (no, not "THE" new style type), unit for a QQ, I don't reckon it's that old at all. 

    I'll let you know when I receive it back and what happens when I install it. Hopefully it will all work fine. Smile


    Heres the whole thread for you to read.

    could be a simple trip to a dealer has you sorted but looks like you might need to buy some other bits. 
  • Right I've found a copy of Nissan Consult-III plus i've installed it on my PC and I've ordered a OBDII/USB lead for the computer.

    I don't know what i'm doing but i'm doing it! Black_Rojer seems to think that its a simple case of:

    "You need Consult 3+ with the latest software updates. You need to bind NC to the immobilizer/CAN-bus in your car."

    So i'll give it a go and report back... Although it's making me tired now and i'm not even thinking about the cutting of the console piece to accommodate the the bigger screen"

    The dealer were very sheepish about the whole thing... it would cost 120 for the booking of the diagnostic - whether they could do it or not.